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    As your personal guide and trustworthy agent, I strive to give you the best of the best. In the years that I’ve spent in the industry, homebuyers have always asked me “What do I need to do when I buy a house?  I’ve composed a step-by-step guide that organizes the buying process to make buying a house simple and fun!

    Step 1: Decide to Buy 

    Before you even go looking for a home, you have to understand your needs. Think about the type of place you’re looking for.Tell me about your needs and criterias an I provide you with my knowledge and experience to find the home that meet all your needs.

    Information I need from You:

    Price Range

    Are you looking to Buy a Condo? House Or Townhouse?

    How Many Bedrooms And Washrooms Do You You Need

    Are You Looking For a House With Finished Basement and Separate Entrace ?

    Are You looking For Side Income From Basement

    Are You Looking For Investment Properties? Triplex/Multiplex 

    Step 2: Hire Me

    With Many Years Experience in this Industry I Have Knowledge and Confidence To Provide Best Service To My Clients. I Help You To Find Your Dream Home in Desired Area.

    I Work With Top People In Industry (Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Home Inspectors)

    I Work With Top Mortgage Brokers In Industry and Will Get Your Mortgage done As Long As You can Afford Paying 10% of Downpayment. 

    Step 3: Find your Home

    Me and You will Work together To Find The Right Property In Your Derired Location. Not Only I Have Full Access To all MLS Listings Aslo I have Lots Of Exclusive Listings From My Previous Clients And I Network With With Other Fellow  Agents To Find The Properties That You Can't Find Yourself.

     You can browse listings using the smart listings search on my website, here.

    Step 4: Make an Offer Now

    Now that you’ve found the house that you are set on, it’s time to make an offer. Not all offers are the same and here’s where your real estate agent comes in. I ill help you with specific terms and conditions that will be specified in the offer like the price you want to pay, financing conditions, ispection conditions or other things like inclusions and exclusions.

    Not only is it about the price of the house but you have to carefully look at the other details included in this sale. Appliances, chandeliers, or even minor renovations can also be part of the deal. Shorter or longer closing dates can also be specified in the offer.

    If there is something in the offer that doesn’t satisfy the seller, counter offers or negotiations can also be presented to help get a price that you think is fair.

    Step 5: Close the Sale

    There will be closing costs associated with the sale that need to be paid either by or on the closing date. It can include mortgage application fees, inspections, and legal fees. But once that’s taken care of, you get your new house.

    Congrats, welcome to your new home! You’re all ready to move in!


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